Mike, Kelly and Quinntin – photo by Diane Padys Photography via Sustainable Connections

Pollen Folly Farms is a family farm, owned and managed by Kelly and Mike with able assistance from their son Quinntin. Both Kelly and Mike are native Washingtonians, have had a deep connection with farming since childhood, and have made it their lives’ work.

Kelly’s family had a large family garden, and remembers how much she enjoyed growing and harvesting plants, feeling the great fulfillment of growing your own food. Mike’s childhood garden was actually next door to his home, but the results were the same, although his primary interest in well grown food lies on the culinary end of things.

They moved to Bellingham for the quality of its life, natural resources, and large agricultural community. They both studied organic agriculture at Washington State University, worked on WSU’s organic farm, and began looking for farmland on which they could build their own farm based on organic and sustainable principles.

In late 2011, they found it: a nearly 5-acre piece of pasture land in Everson that has great soil, access to plentiful water, and was not surrounded by large agriculture (to avoid inadvertent contamination). They spent much of 2012 doing a major remodel of their 1920s house (an ongoing project), slowly developing their initial fields, and building infrastructure (chicken coop, green house, plant beds).

They now have about one acre of producing beds, yielding vegetables, berries and culinary herbs. In addition, their growing flock of chickens produces a variety of fresh, organic eggs.