Welcome to Our Farm!

Our family and farm
We are a small family farm that consist of three farmers, Kelly, Mike and our son Quinntin, two cats Cecil & Po, and several chickens.

Our farm started as a dream, a desire to connect to our community and offer organic local foods to those who yearned to know where their food came from. We’ve been fortunate to see some of our dream come true. We sell organic veggies and pastured eggs to local markets while diligently preserving our land’s biodiversity.

We follow the rhythms of nature and allow our crops and animals to develop at their own pace. We believe in holistic farming, the practice of being mindful in the presence of the unfolding process.

Our community

We are committed to the goal of healthy food being available for all people in the community by growing a portion of our crop specifically for the food bank.

This year we will be supplying our produce and eggs to three area Farmers’ Markets (see sidebar), other local farmers that are offering CSAs, and to the Food -to-Bank program.